Why Estate Owners Need Hurricane Proof Sliding Glass Doors

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Why Estate Owners Need Hurricane Proof Sliding Glass Doors



If you are a major contractor in Florida, you already know that spring is approaching fast. This means that the period of the year when hurricanes dominate the weather forecasts is approaching. It is an annual occurrence that results in destruction of properties and even major accidents. Therefore, as a contractor, you should be looking for opportunities to secure your property against annual destruction and unending replacement costs by considering hurricane proof sliding glass doors.

Hurricane proof sliding glass doors are important installations that you can use to avoid major hurricanes. You will not only be protecting people in your residential property but also saving on future replacement costs.

This article discusses some of the benefits that you will accrue by using hurricane proof sliding glass doors in your estate.

1. Hurricane Protection

As discussed above, hurricane proof sliding glass doors have been made with the primary purpose of being able to offer the necessary hurricane protection through impact glass. Glass door manufacturers have included several layers of glass on the door. All these doors are strong enough not to break when they are exposed to any form of a hurricane, which means that you don’t have to worry about storm panels and other types of shields that are currently being used to deal with storms.

2. Reduced Energy Bills

If you own many rental properties, you know how expensive it is to handle monthly energy bills for most of the properties. If your estate is large enough, you pay thousands of dollars every month, which could be hurting your financial wellbeing. However, using hurricane proof sliding glass doors can also help you to save on energy bills. Glass will allow natural light during the day, which means that your tenants will not use lighting during the day. This will significantly save huge amounts of money.

3. Burglar Resistance

Hurricane proof sliding glass doors are multipurpose installations that you should have in your estate, especially if you fear common burglary. Glass door system may look simple and fragile to break in, but high impact glass doors are not easily broken. These doors use high impact glass that cannot be broken by category five hurricanes, which means that only a very huge force will be used to break such doors. With hurricane proof sliding glass doors, your tenants will not complain about theft. Your estate will also attract tenants because they feel safe.

4. Reduced Insurance Rates

As an estate owner, you know how much premiums you have to pay to secure your property. Insurance companies are always interested in looking for finer details that make your estate vulnerable so that they can charge you additional premiums. However, high impact windows and doors have all the necessary properties that will enforce insurance companies to lower their premiums. Burglars cannot break them with ease, which means that you will save on theft insurance. You will also pay reduced insurance rates with hurricane proof sliding glass doors due to the durability it offers.

5. Increased Asset Value

Many factors play a critical role in determining the value of your estate. The location of your estate and other social amenities carry the bulk of the value in your estate. However, hurricane glass doors can make a major impact on the value of your estate. If you have glass doors, you can attract more money from your tenants. Additionally, if you live in a hurricane-prone area like Florida and you have hurricane proof sliding doors, your estate will be on a higher demand, which will allow you to charge more money.

As an estate owner, your major concern should be to secure your estate against natural and artificial challenges. Hurricane proof sliding glass doors do not only offer aesthetic value. They can secure against burglary. However, they can secure your estate against hurricanes. Statistics indicate that more than 60% of people were left homeless by Hurricane Irma on Barbuda. Secure your estate against natural catastrophes using hurricane impact doors.

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