Thinking Of Painting? Here Is Why You Should Consider Using EMR Shielding Paints

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Thinking Of Painting? Here Is Why You Should Consider Using EMR Shielding Paints



Approximately 83percent of travelers say they would choose an allergy-friendly room if they had the option according to a study by the Survey Research Institute at Cornell University. It is increasingly becoming important to offer guests the option of choosing non-allergenic rooms. The same study explains that 59 percent of travelers would choose one hotel over another based on the availability of allergy-friendly rooms.

On average, between 10 and 30 percent of the global population suffers from allergies. It is, therefore prudent for operators to make guests feel comfortable by offering accommodation that is as free from any allergy-inducing agents as much as possible.

EMR Shielding Paints

The EMR shielding paints use a water base that is made up of nickel pigment of high quality. The nickel pigment makes it possible to give a superior shielding outcome. Besides, it is excellently resistant to corrosion, wearing away due to chemical action and shields the surface against RF and EMF frequencies and electromagnetic radiation.

One coat of the EMR shielding paints achieves 99 percent power attenuation, and it rises to 99.99 percent when you apply an additional coat. Its exceptional coverage is estimated to be 80 percent more wall area. The EMR shielding paints can be used on walls, ceilings and is the ideal paint for wooden floors and ideal treatment for hardwood floors. Spending time in a room painted with this paint is more comfortable than average rooms painted with carbon-based shielding paints. Besides, it gives you the much-needed peace of mind in your home and works surrounding. This is because it protects you against dangerous radiation and has no odor.

EMR shielding paints also block up to 99 percent of electromagnetic radiation which is potentially harmful. The paint, therefore, provides a simple and yet effective solution to minimize exposure to the radiation. You can apply the paint solution both at home and in work spaces.

The EMR shielding paint is a perfect example of eco-friendly paint and one with high water resistance. The wall, ceiling, and floor paint are excellently adhesive on the surfaces bringing out a perfect expression of its mineral colors. Its high level of breath ability is characterized by its low VOC content and no toxic ingredients and solvents.

How is Wall Primer Used?

The EMR shielding paint can also be applied as an eco friendly primer coat which means that you are able to use the best low VOC paint for nearly all painting projects. This is because it adheres well and provides a very consistent base for topcoats. Its use as a primer coat reduces the number of coats to achieve the most appropriate coverage. Below are some of the benefits of a primer coat:

Seals the Original Surface: This helps in preventing paint from soaking into the primer, thereby reducing the number of coats.

Helps to Hide Joints and Seams: By doing so, it prevents leakages from knots, and this prevents them from showing through the final coat of paint.

Important for Proper Bonding of the Job: It is important for bonding of the job when applied on all the surfaces.

In Conclusion

Due to the high number of members of the population suffering from allergies across the globe, there is an increasing need for allergy-friendly rooms in hotels, at home and in the office environments. The EMR shielding paints shields you from electromagnetic, RF and EMF radiation. It has higher power attenuation and covers more wall area than its competitors. Besides, it is ideal for different types of floors, ceiling and walls. When you spend time in a room or office painted with this non-toxic paint, you are more likely to be comfortable because of its high breath ability and no odors. Its high adhesion makes it suitable to be used as a primer coat. It is essential for proper bonding of your painting project hides beams and joints and seals the original surface thereby minimizing the number of coats.

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