When Was the Last Time You Inspected Your Business’s Fire Protection Equipment

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When Was the Last Time You Inspected Your Business’s Fire Protection Equipment



So, this morning, you came the closest you have ever come to hitting a moose.
The enormous animal darted out of a dark parking lot, across a four-lane, ice-covered street. Luckily, the driver on the opposite side of the street saw it first, and flashed his brights to you as a warning.

You saw the moose, slammed on the brakes and began skidding on the ice. You were gliding right for the moose, and thought, “I’m going to hit her.”

Fortunately, luck intervened. The cow kept running and avoided you, but did take a tumble on the ice once she got off the street. You watched this out your passenger window as your own car slid by in a weird, slow-motion kind of event.

You did not feel an impact but stopped to check on the moose just in case. By that time, the moose had righted herself and was running off toward the railroad tracks. The driver who flashed his brights asked if you were okay. “Yes, but only thanks to you for warning me,” you responded.

So scary and surreal! You are glad you are okay, both from the moose and the ice. Your mom once almost hit a moose on a dark road in rural Maine at night, very far from any outpost of human activity. She still remembers it. It seemed like a dream. It was so much bigger than the car! And suddenly it was just upon her. Somehow your mother managed to swerve and avoid it. She still remembers the weirdness of it all, like a strange slow-motion video.
When Difficult Situations Get Worse

Have you ever had one of those days when things go from bad to worse you can find yourself looking for all kinds of help. A near traffic accident with a large animal can seem like a small problem if you come home to find out that you hav significant smile damage in your home from a pot of food on the stovetop that was left turned on. You are glad that you are not dealing with water damage, but the smoke is a serious problem as well. So serious, in fact, that you knew you would need to call in professionals.

Whether you are only dealing with smoke damage or you are working with a professional team to help you a complete home fire damage restoration project, the company that you hire will determine the amount of success that you will have. Even the smallest of leaking problems can lead to big problems if they are not fixed. When a team of fire fighters have to come into a home to extinguish a fire, the resulting ware damage can be even more significant than the damage caused by a fire. For this reason, professional fire damage restoration companies are needed in many situation. In fact, both residential and commercial buildings can benefit from the professional fire damage restoration services they provide.

With the use of the best water damage restoration services many home and business owners can help people get their properties back in shape. Without the use of these services the water that is used to put out a fire can lead to mold, mildew, and significant health risks. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends calling in mold removal professionals if mold covers an area larger than three feet by three feet. One of the scariest factors is that mold can develop and spread in as little as 48 hours, so the mold and fire damage restoration services need to begin as soon as possible.

There are bad days and then there are worse days. For example, a near car accident can seem like a real problem, but a fire in a home can be even worse. The secret to moving forward from any near or real disaster is in getting the help that you need from the best available services. In the event of car accident the sources that you need may be an insurance company and a hospital. In the event of a fire, however, you may need a professional fire and mold restoration company fo come in after the major event is over.

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