How to Save Energy and Avoid Heat Repair

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How to Save Energy and Avoid Heat Repair



Many people dread the warmer months of the year because it means that they will see a rise in their energy bill for cooling their homes, but warmer months are not the only months that see a rise in energy usage. Winter months means homes need to be warm and considering heating your home accounts for almost half, 45%, of your energy bill, you should be just as concerned about saving energy in the colder months as you are in the warmer months. Americans spend an average of almost 3% of their income on their utility bills, so it only makes sense that majority of homeowners would want to keep those bills as low as possible. While it’s not possible to eliminate those bills completely, there are things you can do to make sure that the energy you’re using at home is being used wisely and is not being wasted. Follow these tips to ensure your home is functioning as energy efficient as possible.

Find and Repair Leaks

About one-fourth of your home’s heat is lost and wasted through small holes and cracks in the windows and doors. Allowing hot air to escape during the winter can lead to your heater having to work extra hard to keep the house warmer during the winter months. This can lead to break down meaning heat repair or furnace repair, none of which a homeowner wants to hear. By reducing the amount of air leaking out of the house, you can reduce how much your heating unit has to work. This task can be done in any season, but it is a great item to add to your checklist for winterizing your home. Check all windows and doors and see if you feel air on the outside of them. If you then your heat is escaping meaning the seal on the underneath of the door or window needs to be replaced.

Ceiling Fans

Many people think of using ceiling fans during the summer, but not many consider using them during the winter. This could be because of the word “fan” in the name, but nonetheless they have major benefits if they are used during the winter time. Everyone has heard the popular phrase “hot air rises,” well that is the same with heating your home in the winter time. The hot air is going to rise to your ceiling, but using ceiling fans to help circulate that warm air back down to the ground can go a long way to help with keeping your home warmer without overworking your heater. Reversing the flow of the fan will help to push the warmer air back down so that it stays where it is needed and your house stays at the temperature that is needed.


Rugs are a great addition to any room in your home because they add detail to the room and can draw attention to the rug and the accents surrounding the rug. While it is important to choose a rug that compliments the furniture already in the room, there is another benefit of using rugs that you should consider. Rugs can help furnaces last longer by insulating the floor that they sit on. They help to hold heat in so that less of it escapes through the floor, not to mention they can be comfy to walk on. Many people consider them warmer than a tile or wood floor when they are walking on a cold morning and the reason is because they help insulate the heat and hold it in. So go big on a rug, make it a large one that will cover much of the flooring in your room and your heater will have to work less meaning less wear and tear on it and less heat repair for you.

There are many things you can do around your home to help your heater work less, run less meaning you’ll worry less about heat repair. Consider these points along with using space heaters and avoiding ventilation fans. Using just one or two of these tips can make a huge difference in your heating bills, your energy usage and the amount of heat repair you’ll have to pay for.

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