Keep Construction Spaces Safe with a Dehumidifier

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Keep Construction Spaces Safe with a Dehumidifier



Nothing is worse than working in the construction field and not being able to breathe well or be comfortable. Typically, comfort isn’t something that is considered where construction jobs are concerned. However, it should be. Dehumidifiers work hard for your construction company by eliminating high relative humidity levels and much more. This is especially true if you are trying to ‘dry out’ a room that has had water damage.

Dehumidifier Rentals Just Make Sense

A great way to cut overhead costs is to rent dehumidifiers instead of taking on the entire cost upfront. Rentals also give you the option of getting the appropriate model, size and type for the space in which it is to be used. Using the correct model saves money, energy costs, and time. It can also prevent common dangers that are associated with higher humidity levels including material deterioration, mold growth, and corrosion.

What Specifications Are Important for Dehumidifiers?

The specifications of a dehumidifier matter per job. For instance, demand-controlled ventilation is actually mandatory for spaces that are bigger than 500 square feet with 25 people or more per 1,000 square feet on average. A dehumidifier rental can meet any needs you have for your construction jobs so you can provide quality work for your clients and a better environment for your employees.

A few things you want to keep in mind include the air changes per hour, the capacity or rather the water removal capacity, cubic feet per minute, coverage areas, energy factors, operational temperature ranges, the internal condensate pump, bucket capacity, gravity or direct drain, decibel ratings, continuous draining options, automatic humidistat, desiccant dehumidifier options, low-temperature operation or automatic defrost, automatic shut-off, automatic humidistat, hygrometer options, discharge orientation or location, as well as refrigeration options. Each job will have specific needs. You can find dehumidifiers available to rent that meet all of your specifications.

How Do Dehumidifiers Help?

Excess moisture can build up when left alone and delay your projects. The moisture also poses health threats and hazards as well as structure damage to buildings. Commercial rentals keep you from taking on the expense of purchasing equipment that you may not need often, or you just do not want to incur the expense. Commercial-grade equipment rented from a reputable company ensures that you are getting top-quality equipment that is trustworthy and guaranteed to work as hard as you do.

Don’t Wait Find a Dehumidifier for Your Next Project

In order to find the perfect dehumidifiers to rent look for a ‘dehumidifier rental near me’ online. It makes economical sense to rent commercial-grade equipment that offers all of the benefits you want without making an outright purchase. You will also be avoiding costs that are associated with insurance, warranties, repairs, and maintenance. Gain access to premium rental equipment along with the expertise provided by the professionals offering the rentals. You are guaranteed to get the correct type of dehumidifier for your applications and space. Skip the burden of repairing, maintaining or having to sell used equipment and utilize modern equipment that gets the job done right the first time.

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