The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Custom Doors

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Custom Doors



As a homeowner, always remember that the entry door says so much about you. Besides adding to your home’s beauty, custom doors also significantly raise the value of your home. Sometimes, especially if you live in quite an old house, it might be challenging to find a standard door. Therefore, you need to look for door manufacturers to customize them for you.

Most Popular Front Door Designs

You can use your entry door to make a statement in your home. The good thing is, there is a wide range of designs and styles to choose from. Here are some of them.

1. Traditional Doors

These classic style doors may have unique features such as raised panels that can be as many as twelve. They may also come with glass inserts as well as painted panes. The traditional doors are available in wood, metal, and fiberglass. If yours is not a standard sized door; custom doors are available in the market.

2. Modern Doors

A modern style front door is the best option if you are looking for a minimalist design. The panes can be frosted or translucent. Usually, they have sleek lines that distinguish them from other door designs. Notably, they are quite large.

3. Rustic Doors

Rustic doors are often used in homes or cabins that feature wood, stone, and brick exteriors. Rustic style is often evident in wooden doors. They usually have clear glass and raised panels.

4. Arched Design

This design is quite eye-catching than the rest. Better still, they blend in perfectly with other models. It is effortless to get arched custom doors.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Entry Door for Your Home

Choosing the right door for your home might prove to be quite an uphill task. However, here are some essential factors to consider when choosing exterior doors for your home.

1. Set Your Budget

Any project, no matter how small it could be, should be within a set budget. Before investing in an exterior door, confirm all the costs involved. Be keen on the door you choose to avoid incurring any extra cost of reordering a new door.

Consider other fees, such as installation fees, hardware accessories, and other maintenance requirements. Ensure that you buy a door with a realistic budget in the long run.

2. Material Used

Your door’s material determines things like its durability and maintenance cost. You can get custom doors made of various materials, all with unique features.

3. Wood

Wood oozes some classic appearance. Grain patterns and color markings make them even prettier. You can choose to have a wooden custom door. You can also select various wood types and panel styles to fit your taste and preferences. You can also add some embellishments to get a historic wooden door.

4. Steel

At the top of the list of steel doors is safety. Besides that, they are also more affordable than other materials. If you land on premium steel, it is quite durable. When insulated, they are the best option when it comes to energy efficiency.

5. Fiberglass

A fiberglass front door is quite a realistic option. They have a smooth surface but can also have various patterns to look like grained wood. Notably, they are easy to maintain and are quite durable. Better still, they are resistant to rust and appealing to the eye at the same time.

6. Size

Size is another key factor to consider while shopping for an entry door. A typical door measures around 80 inches in length and 36 inches in width. The thickness ranges at around 2 inches. However, your home might dictate otherwise. You might, therefore, require a more extended, wider, or thicker door. You can always contact a professional to capture the right dimensions.

7. Style

The style you choose should reflect your personality. The entry door generally complements the entire house design. Hence you should pick carefully. For instance, if you prefer antique style doors, then wooden doors would be the best pick for you. If you like the modern style, you can go with fiberglass doors.

Whether you are buying doors for your new home or replacing existing ones, you are spoilt for choice. Research on available options then choose one that meets your needs perfectly.

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