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Local Siding Services Installation Guide



The siding of your house plays a vital role in its final aesthetic result, and you need the local siding services you hire to do the best job possible. The Youtube video “HardiePlank Lap Siding Install Video” shows exactly how siding is placed, so you can understand why you need professionals for the job. Let’s find out more!

The type of lap siding shown in the video can’t be installed right away. You need a starter strip before you can add the first course of siding.

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Otherwise, it won’t be set at the right angle and the drip edge won’t be in an optimal position. Starter strips are made from pieces of siding, and they should be installed even with the bottom of the mud sill or the bottom of the sheathing.

It must be on top of the weather barrier, but you should leave a few gaps to let the moisture accumulated beneath them drain. Next, you need to install the first course of lap siding. It’s the most important step in the process. It should begin at the lowest part of the house.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about local siding services.


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