How to Replace Cabinet Hinges

How to Replace Cabinet Hinges



Are you planning to change your cabinet hinges? This may seem too easy, but it is not. However, that does not mean that it is not possible.

Whether you are fixing cabinet door locks, cabinet pulls, cabinet runners, cabinet touch catch, or cabinet drawer slides, it is best to know the basics of how cabinets work before working on them.

The door will be slack or poorly fitted if the hinge is damaged. Using this simple guide, you can quickly repair the hinge without replacing the entire door.

By using your screwdriver to unlock the release screws on the top and bottom hinge, you can entirely remove the door. Additionally, remove the hinge receiver screw from the cabinet wall’s interior.

As soon as the two release screws are released, the top and bottom hinges ought to be able to pull out. Many hinges have a quick release mechanism that enables the door to be quickly removed for cleaning.

Remove the damaged door hinge by unscrewing it. The previous hinge replacement must be installed with the same gap between it and the edge of the door. Draw two lines, one on either side of the old hinge placement hole, using a ruler and a pencil. Between these two lines, in a suitable location higher up the door, the new hole will be bored.

Use a specialized hinge boring drill bit to create the hole for the new hinge. Only drill until the top of the boring bit is flat with the back surface of the door while keeping your drill precisely upright above it. 

Using the proper short screws, install the replacement hinge. By swiveling the hinge together and tightening the release screw, the hinge receiver can be reattached.

By bringing the hinge together and tightening the release screw, the top hinge can be reattached. Holding the new hinge in the appropriate position, fasten the hinge receiver plate to the interior of the cabinet wall with screws. To achieve a good fit, adjust the door swing using the adjustment screws to change the location of the closed door.

These steps are specific to the changing of hinges that cabinets normally have. Now, of you know this basic procedure, other works like fixing touch catch or making sure the slides work will be easy.

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