Wood Mulch vs Rubber Mulch Which Is Better?

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Wood Mulch vs Rubber Mulch Which Is Better?



The debate on better mulch between wood and rubber is unending. What is better depends on your budget and what you consider important. For instance, wood will fade faster than rubber requiring constant replacement or refills, while rubber goes up to ten years without losing color.

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Wood mulch is biodegradable and returns to the earth nourishing your soil with nutrients. It decays slowly and inertly, leading to the conservation of soil nutrients. Wood is the best bet for the environmentally conscious though it will float away when it rains and mess up the grass on your lawn, unlike rubber.

Rubber is for those who don’t mind the organic preservation of their gardens but want rich color and longevity. It insulates the soil from heat like wood and inhibits mold and fungus. Your garden will look the same every season with rubber mulch because it does not fade, blow off in strong winds and wash away during rainy spells. However, it is non-biodegradable and adds zero nutrients to the soil. It is also hard to remove and may be hazardous if ignited.

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