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Choosing the Best Electrical Box 101



If you’re new to wiring an electrical box, start with a basic knowledge of how to choose one. In this video, we will appreciate the most common types of electrical boxes and the things to consider when selecting a graybox enclosure. There are many types of electrical boxes, each with different considerations for placement and insulation.

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They include single gang boxes, double gang boxes, and outlet boxes.

Choosing the best graybox enclosure means knowing what you need and how to find it. First, determine whether you need a plastic or metal box. Plastic boxes are typically used for indoor applications, while metal boxes are most often used for outdoor applications. Metal boxes are also available in galvanized steel, resistant to corrosion. Some metal boxes are designed for easy access, which makes them easier to work with in tight spaces.

In addition to choosing between a plastic and metal graybox enclosure, you should consider the size of your electrical box. You can find boxes that fit any junction box or device. The size will depend on whether it’s indoors or outside and what it needs to hold. Make sure to choose the appropriate box for your project.

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