How Much Does a New AC Cost?

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How Much Does a New AC Cost?



This video shows the cost of a new air conditioner. Installing an air conditioner is a fantastic way to improve indoor air quality. Air conditioners work by optimizing the indoor humidity in your home. Without control, such humidity can dampen your home, leading to mold infestation, rotting, rusting, excessive heat, respiratory illnesses, and dehydration. Hiring professional AC services is the best way to install your air conditioner despite its high upfront cost.

Air conditioners come in many shapes and sizes, depending on your cooling and heating needs.

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Expect to pay $6,200 on average to purchase entry-level air conditioners. These air conditioners offer a standard level of cooling, which is suitable for people with low overhead costs. A mid-range air conditioner is a perfect fit for people looking to lower their energy costs in the long term.

You will pay $7,850 on average to purchase a mid-range air conditioner. This AC is more expensive than an entry-level air conditioner because of its two-stage cooling feature that provides a more even indoor temperature. High-end air conditioners will cost you $10,200 on average. The multiple-stage cooling element of these ACs makes them suitable for every household.

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