How to Choose the Best Hardwood Flooring

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How to Choose the Best Hardwood Flooring



Due to the durable nature of hard flooring, it plays a significant role in interior design. As a result, meticulous decision-making and focus are required. Lisa Moody, an interior designer, discusses wood species, finishing options, budget, and home insurance in a brief YouTube video titled ” Choosing Hardwood Flooring | Quick Design Tips.”

When comparing various wood species, it is discovered that oak is sufficiently hard to resist scratches.

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Oak is a good choice because it is plain and smooth, while Walnut scratches, and Fur and Pine are softwoods that distress over time. Second, an oil-based finish is strongly recommended. However, wire-brushed oiled wood is ideal for trapping dirt. Additionally, there is an option for a water polyurethane finish. An ultraviolet light blocker should be installed on a sun-exposed floor.

Calculating your budget is complicated by factors such as wood species, the width of the wood, and the finishing process. Engineered wood has been favored over hardwood by modern home builders. It is more stable than Hardwood because it expands and contracts less.

Consult your insurance provider to ensure that you receive the best service and value possible for your flooring during construction and renovation.

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