The Basics of Spotting Roof Hail Damage

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The Basics of Spotting Roof Hail Damage



Since you never really see your roof, it can be hard to know when it has been damaged, or when is time to fix it. Checking on your roof isn’t exactly the first thing on your mind after a storm, but it is smart to give it a check-up after a particularly hard hail storm or tornado. Getting up on a tall ladder to climb around your roof is fun and all, but what kind of damage are you looking for after a hail storm? What does a hail damaged roof even look like? Well, this video shares what you need look for.

To start, you need to look for big spots where the grain of the asphalt shingle has worn off. These are usually pretty noticeable, but on an overcast day they can be hard to spot, so bring a flashlight to get the best view.

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Additionally, you will want to check around the bottom of the shingles to make sure some are not knocked loose. Tiles that have been hit particularly roughly have a tendency to fall off shortly after, so they need to be attended to quickly. Finally, make chalk circles around each of the damaged areas so you can find them easily when you repair.


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