What Is The Process Swimming Pool Contractor Services Go Through When Building a Pool



This video discusses the step by step process of building an in-ground swimming pool. In addition, it shows all the steps swimming pool contractor services go through to build a pool.

Step 1 includes preparing the site, pool layout, and excavation.

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This video is focused on installing a rectangular shaped pool made of granite. It is 24 feet by 18 feet.

Step 2 includes installing the plumbing and any electricity that you need.

Step 3 shows swimming pool contractor services installing shotcrete. All of this work happens inside the pool.

Step 4 includes installing the decking around the pool.

Step 5 includes installing any tile that is needed.

Step 6 includes focusing on irrigation. It is critical to determine how you are getting water to the pool. Fencing around the pool is essential to prevent unwanted visitors.

Step 7 involves installing the plaster inside the pool.

After this, it is time to fill the pool with water. This project took about three months to complete and cost about $55,000.

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