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Online Shopping For HVAC Parts? Read This



On a YouTube Video on Word of Advice TV, called Where to Buy HVAC Parts? they tell you how to shop for HVAC parts for your furnace and air conditioner. They advise you to shop at HVAC parts supply stores locally if you have time to wait a few days. Often your HVAC parts supply store sells parts only to contractors so call before your order to check if they sell to homeowners. If the store or company does sell to consumers have the model number and part number ready to provide them.

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Part numbers are not always listed on the model so you may have to do some detective work by writing down the numbers that you see on the model. The parts store may be able to help you if you supply the model number and the type of part needed.

If you find or order the part at a local store or vendor ordering online is your best bet. They recommend, E-Bay, and Repair Clinic as the most reliable place to shop for these parts. Although there are many new stores online they may or may not be dependable. These vendors allow you to search for parts by model number or the number of the part. You will often find it and be able to order it online. Visit Word Of Advice on YouTube to learn more about fixing HVAC equipment. .

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