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Garden Center Display Tips and Tricks



Running a small local garden center and working to balance employee care and customer service can be a challenge. You want to keep customers happy and coming in to buy products, but you also want to make the work easy and enjoyable for your staff. Finding the right way to design and maintain garden center displays can help managers achieve this balance. The details in this YouTube video discuss the ins and outs of creating a stunning display that grabs customer’s attention while also being easy to set up and maintain.

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Helpful tips and ideas as well as some words about what to avoid are also offered to viewers in this video.

Many customers browse while they shop and often end up making purchases, not on their current to-get list. This is where display set up and appeal can help entice customers to buy more and spend more with the garden center. In the highly competitive market today, every advantage helps, so this is something that is definitely worth looking into.

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