Roofs for Teachers Re Roofing 10 roofs in 90 days

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Roofs for Teachers Re Roofing 10 roofs in 90 days



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Roofs for Teachers is a charity initiative created by Roofing Insights, a company and directory service devoted to the roofing industry. As the host explains in the video, teachers are underpaid and underappreciated in nearly every country in the world. While governments and communities might talk about how much they love teachers, teachers don’t have the resources they need, both in and out of the classroom. Roofing Insights wants to show teachers appreciation through direct acts of kindness. With the Roofs for Teachers program, they plan to donate one roof to a teacher in need in the United States every month. As the host says, Roofs for Teachers is personal for him. He comes from a family of teachers, is a teacher himself, and wants to show the teachers they select how important they are and how much they deserve support.

Roofs for Teachers is open to nominations throughout the country. Once a teacher is selected from the submissions, the group reaches out to a roof repair service that is local to the teacher’s home. Roofing Insights will pay the full cost of the roof repair, providing work for the roof repair service and giving the teacher the repairs their home needs.

According to the host, Roofs for Teachers is built on the idea that the roofing industry is filled with good people who like to help others. This kind of practical charity has a direct, instant impact on its recipient’s life, which causes a chain reaction of positive change throughout the community. Roofing Insights selects a recipient and donates all of the money needed. The money goes to a local roof repair service, providing a small business with needed work and income. The service then repairs the teacher’s roof. A good roof is essential to a safe house and now the teacher does not need to worry about water damage, mold, or the possibility of roof collapse. Since the teacher doesn’t need to worry about these things, they can focus more easily on their work. This provides the students in the community a better education, which benefits everybody. The first good deed spreads further and further, creating direct and indirect benefits for everybody involved.

When businesses do charity work, it often helps them as much as it helps the recipient. In situations like this, the local roof repair service gets both direct business and positive press coverage and word of mouth advertising. This, in turn, gets them more business. When it comes to initiatives like Roofs for Teachers, many people benefit in many different ways.

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