Which Flooring Option Is Best For Your Home?

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Which Flooring Option Is Best For Your Home?



Our homes are meant to comfort us and make us feel safe and happy, sometimes we just want a change of style, more efficient cleaning surface or have different physical needs that require different flooring. There are a number of reasons to want to change the look and feel of your home and there are a number of options available to suit anyone depending on their needs. Which option is best for you and why should you consider making the switch.

Over 90% of homeowners prefer to have hardwood, laminate floors, or tile in the kitchen. Harder flooring is much easier to keep clean from spills, drips, drops, and other life situations that any and all of us can endure. Wiping up messes from all your family activities is much easier with a cloth or a mop whereas if you have carpet in your kitchen you are stuck scrubbing and staining the floors. Mobility can also be an issue for those in wheelchairs or scooters, carpet can create a harder surface to get around on making life a bit harder than it needs to be. Hard flooring is great to have throughout the home if you have pets as well, pets hair can get caught in carpets creating a mess of allergens and irritants.

There are a number of different kinds of carpets available for your home depending on what style you like and the comfort level you are looking for. Lots of people prefer to have short carpet because it is easier to clean and matches pretty much any designs and styles of furniture you have chosen to decorate with. If you are looking for a more luxurious feel and have a unique flair for design you can choose to install longer styles of carpet like shag. Shag carpet was popular years ago and has since changed to become more modern and less brightly coloured and tacky. Modern looks have changed the way we decorate drastically and have become more simplified and natural with geometric shapes and neutral colours. But don’t let modern design turn you away from installing the carpet you want, choose what makes you happy. You can have a few different selections of carpet and laminate floors throughout your home for versatility and simple maintenance.

The bottom line to choosing the right flooring for your home is deciding what suits your way of life and what styles you love. Remember your home is your place of happiness and the designs you choose can be as wild as you like, nobody is going to judge you on your bedroom furniture, laminate floors, and carpets not matching as a set so go nuts and decorate the way you want.

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