Induction Lighting Advantages and Applications

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Induction Lighting Advantages and Applications



Induction lighting is an emerging lighting innovation that is geared towards replacing both standards and LED lighting fixtures. It is not a new technology but an old lighting system that has been made to fit the current demands. Studies show that induction lighting has been in existence for more than one hundred years, which is a long period with respect to the current innovations in lighting fixtures.

The need for high intensity lights and high illumination has led to improvements in light fixtures. People are highly interested in warehouse lighting fixtures that do not only save energy but offer additional benefits such as low maintenance and high light intensity. Here are some of the reasons why induction lights have proved to be a reliable alternative to several people.

Superior Color Rendering

With the emergence of entertainment hubs and other facilities that need color lighting, induction lighting has become a favorite. It offers additional lighting colors that are difficult to come across in standard lighting. Sports lighting and solar street lighting are some of the areas that use induction lighting for color benefits.

Cheap to Install

For many years, it has been difficult for homeowners to install lighting systems in their homes. The same problem of very high cost has been experienced by manufacturing companies. However, installing induction lights is a cheap approach. Homeowners who have stayed for many years without lights have already installed induction lighting in their homes due to favorable costs.


Every person wants to buy a fixture that will serve him/her for many years. This will increase returns on investment while at the same time lowering both repair and maintenance expenses. Induction lights are durable to the extent that they can serve a manufacturing facility for more than ten years. This is a welcome bonus because standard lights will barely serve for five years without regular and comprehensive repairs.

Low Energy Consumption

Any person who is currently looking for LED warehouse lighting is drastically turning to induction lighting due to the low cost of energy. All the lighting fixtures have been modified such that they can produce illumination using very little energy. Any lighting fixture that will save on energy consumed is very useful in manufacturing companies because it will lower operational expenses.

What are the applications of induction lighting?

Sports and Gym Facilities

Sport and gym facilities provide one of the best areas where induction lighting is used in large scale. The intensity of light produced illuminates large stadiums and allows sports to continue without interruptions. However, in gym facilities, color is the major trait that makes induction lights a welcome bonus in such areas. Different colors that are common on the streets and entertainment joints are produced by induction systems.

Roadway Lighting

Roadway lighting is a common infrastructural undertaking in developed countries. Most of the streets in developed countries have street lights, which provide sufficient light to the road users and also for security purposes. The main reason why induction lights are used in roadway lighting is that they produce high quality lighting, which is highly desirable. They are also durable and will withstand the harsh environmental elements on the streets.

Health Facilities

Induction lights are highly preferred and applied in medical facilities across the country. One of the main reasons why they are preferred in medical facilities is because they reach illumination immediately. They do not have warm-up time, which could be detrimental in a medical facility, especially an intensive care unit (ICU). Their reliability is highly valued and the fact that they can produce light for many hours without major problems in a medical facility without problems is a welcome bonus.

Standard lighting fixtures and LED lighting systems continue to dominate the lighting industry. However, induction lighting, which has been in existence for more than one hundred years, is coming become into the system. With an efficacy of 60 or 70+ lumens per watt, this lighting system will soon dominate the lighting industry.

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