Taking A Much Closer Look At Gardening In The United States

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Taking A Much Closer Look At Gardening In The United States



Having a hobby that you enjoy is something that is very important for a great many people all throughout the United States. After all, a hobby can help you to destress after a long day at work. It can give you something to look forward to. It can even give you a sense of pride in yourself and what you have been able to learn and accomplish through it. But the hobby that one might pick can vary quite dramatically across the board. For many people, reading is a calming activity at the end of a long day. Still others might be film buffs, knitters, or even artists.

For many, gardening has become the hobby of choice. After all, gardening can be practiced in many different ways, something that has made it quite widely popular among the generations. And gardening is only the rise, something that the data gathered on the subject more than supports. This data, after all, shows that more than 117 people throughout the United States gardened in some way in the year of 2017 alone, let alone in any other year. In addition to this, the market for home and garden is now worth more than $200 billion as of that same year. And it’s only on the rise, as even more data supports, having grown by an additional $10 billion in the following year of 2018.

But who, exactly, is enjoying gardening? For one thing, the population of younger people who garden is one that has shown impressive growth. Already, adults up to the age of 34 now make up very nearly 30% of all gardeners in the United States, with the older generations only making up slightly more – around 35% of all gardeners. Gardening is something that anyone can make work, after all, even those who are living in small spaces.

You might think that because you don’t have a yard or even a decent outdoor space that you cannot garden. Fortunately, while you might not be able to grow a more traditional garden, there are still steps you can do to make gardening a reality. For instance, you can grow houseplants. As a matter of fact, houseplants have become truly more popular than ever, with very nearly one third (around 30%, to be just a bit more exact) of all adults owning at least one houseplant. In addition to houseplants, indoor herb gardens are common and growing more popular, providing a cheap and easy way to garden a number of highly useful plants to any given home cook out there.

Of course, no matter how you are looking to garden there are a number of things you will need to consider before getting started. For one thing, what types of plants will you grow? If you’re brand new to gardening, you should go to your local home garden center. A home garden center will have plethora of plants to choose from, allowing you to cultivate your perfect garden space. You will also be able to ask for advice at your nearest home garden center, as every home garden center will employ knowledgeable staff members who can help you address all of your home garden needs. A home garden center can even benefit someone who has been gardening for quite some time now, as anyone working at a home garden center can attest to the fact that there is always more to learn on the subject.

Ultimately, gardening is a pursuit that can be enjoyed by just about anyone. Accessing information about gardening can be done at one’s local home garden center, but even just conducting some online research can be helpful in this pursuit as well. It is important to note that gardening might require some level of trial and error. However, the payoff of gardening can end up being quite immense indeed, to say the very least. Many people find that the more they learn, the better their green thumb gets. And more and more people are growing more and more interested in developing one in the first place, of this there is no doubt. This trend will likely only continue in future years.

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